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Through music

The man in the photo is playing a djembe, a West African drum that was invented in the 1200s. He told me how he loves two things, farming and making music. He explained that they were both connected because they both were done in service of others. Through music, he can bring joy to others. The same can be said for farming because food also brings joy. The other thing that food and music have in common is they are both nourishment. Food nourishes the body and music nourishes the mind. You can see by the look on his face as he's playing his drum how happy music makes him. There were people sitting around him listening and learning how to make rhythms. The joy was infectious Around the I could see smiles as the crowd shared in the music. His farm must be a great place. If he grows vegetables half his well as he makes rhythms they too should make people quite happy.


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