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Trump Rally


Double speak in feigned squeaky cleanliness
Has become a burden they no longer want to bear
Because it's too hard for them to breath 
Underneath the clownish white hoods
That made their necks burn brighter with abominable hate

I sit here across the ocean watching dumfounded
By the backward tumbling crumble of America

“They are not good people. No more political correctness.”

The code for “kill all niggers and the spicks”

How can this be happening again
Miscreants under the brutal baton of bigoted oppression 
They cannot make our country great again by destroying 
The path that led us through so much suffering
Fathers and sons dusting off the twisted jute
Testing the branches of poplars and sycamores
Sending the fallen to hang their heads in despair
And weep with me over the edge of our future’s horizon 

“Facing the rising sun of our new day begun…”
Only nothing is new and the sun is not rising 
Not raising in America

Old Is No Sin


I wear mine like high honors

Testament to quick-witted survival


Not everyone can


Some go too quickly

Succumbing to

The malignancies of being human

By their own or the

Bulleted, pocked, tumor of misfortune




Yes inescapable


But every prolonged moment

Turned grey about my chin is proof

That I have, that I will, that I can

I Was Born In America 

I was born in America

Land of the free

Home to big-bottomed lovers

Of everything verbose

Proud loud 32 ounces in one gulp



Her creators were so generous

They gave blankets to indigenous people

As they prayed for their souls

In Jesus name, amen

They offered to help them have pride in themselves

By giving them shiny trinkets and bobbles

To hang around their necks

They even offered to tend their lands

So they wouldn’t have to

“Buying land is like buying air

Oh Silly white men” they giggled

Giggled until they lay crippled and pocked

Under warm wool

Wondering where

The curse had come from


I was born in America

Green hills open fields

So beautiful so diverse

From every land to the lands

Where my ancestors came from

Their backs glistening

On American soil under American suns

Shiny sweat like brown sculpted marble

Hunching over tiny clouds


They carried bags of tiny clouds

So heavy it disfigured


How generous they were

To give homes to savages

Polytheistic heathens who danced

Gloriously naked into the sunlight,

The moonlight and the firelight


When their backs grew crooked

From all the clouds they carried

And from too much longing

To be African again

They straighten them out

With hard bendable leather

Who knew such treatment

Was good for the voice too

It helped to build strong lungs


Gracious hands were often busy

Helping to straighten backs

And strengthen lungs


I was born in America

A country full of people who were so generous

They would often hang food

In the trees for the crows to feed on

In Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia

And places in the deep

The crows were so fat

You’d swear they had it too good.


How they swung like dark pendulums

Below the blessed rope

Twisted jute made from strands gathered

By their brothers, sisters, cousins

And even the worn hands of

Mothers and fathers

Lovingly twisted and placed

Like magical necklaces

Like Teleportation devices

Around their necks and

Away from the harshness of the world


My grandmother told us

Her voice shaking with fond memories

Of the men in her family

All of the men

All of them keeping time

With magnolia leaves

In the wind


I was born in America

The same birthplace as

Horace Smith and Daniel Wesson

They made it their mission

To put a volcanic in every hand

So that no one would have to

Watch their wife or husband

Cheat and feel helpless about it

Neighborhood watchers could take action

Stand their ground

Against the darkest shadow or hooded foe

And not fear for their manhood

Those bright profiteers

Those harbingers of fortune

They saw gold in the eyes of America’s children


Sure some mothers wept

Many mothers wept

Like that wailing woman

I saw in some Cleveland emergency room

Her son was only 6 years old

But half his skull was gone

Her tears are nothing in comparison

To the kindergarten killer’s

Victorious leap to manhood

He settled his fight for that video game

In true American fashion.

Till I Owe you Nothing

Song Lyrics

How do I know what you're thinking

It could be a million things more

If I climbed that endless ladder

I might fall like I did before

Don't you know that eternity

Isn't all that you said it is

Release me from this moment soon

To the time when we were just kids

And I owed you nothing

Nothing like I do now


In one quick breath we were just like

Heaven immortal full of stars

Now I spend all my sleepless nights

Lonesomely lost inside these bars

We can never be that again

Fate is hardly so cruel

All we have is starting over

To get beyond the fool

Till I owe you nothing

Nothing like I do now


I want to owe you nothing

Nothing like I do now


What did you say when you were gone

Whispers of it haunted my mind

And left me hanging from this edge

Lost within the shadows of time

Spoke of hate like you spoke of love

You threw me into these waters

Walked away but I saw you splash

Saw you drown me in these waters

And now I owe you nothing

Nothing like I do now

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