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Master of Arts and Social Sciences

Adult Education and Global Change

Linköping University, Sweden


Bachelor of Arts

English Literature, Communications Minor

John Carroll Univerity, USA


Work Career


• Educator- 1992 - Present

- Associate professor

(Academic writing, clinical communication, TOEFL, photography)

- Lecturer 

- Researcher

- Certified to administer and score the Torrence Test of     Creative Thinking 


• Freelance Photographer - 1992 till Present

- Music, events, concerts


• Freelance Narrator - 1998 till present

- NHK World Announcer and Narrator (2011 till present)
- Various projects

(TV Commercial, Radio Jingles & Title Calls, Documentary, News, Video Games)


• Musician - 1990 till present

- Vocalist for SOLMA (2012 till Present)

- MC, Rapper, Vocalist for DREAMS COME TRUE (2005 - 2012)
- Vocalist for Modernday Soothsayers (2001 - 2009) 


In highschool I had my first out-of-body creative experience on the streets of Cleveland when my dear friend at the time "tricked" me into playing saxophone in public.  As soon as I began to play, I felt a deep spiritual connection to creative expression.  It hit me like a bolt of light from the heavens and has shaped my entire adult life. 


Although my experiences have varied over the years from poet, to musician, to photographer, to educator, everything points to the exact same thing.  My life has been about searching for my higher self through my participation in and facilitation of self-expression.


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