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The true beginning

This is the fifth try. I don’t have my computer with me and the software I am using to post these blogs is acting weird. I can’t edit, so this is the rawest You will probably read.

Soon after I was able to secure my first official job in Japan, I met a musician named Patrick. He was a very cool guy who could play the guitar like speaking. He told me about a club in Roppongi that was looking for someone to do events. Although I had never done such a thing before I was willing to give it a try. That is where my life really began. Finding work in Japan was not the beginning. It was more of a foundation to secure the beginning. The true beginning of my life started the day that I created a performing arts party At Club Circle

At the event I collected people who did various types of arts. They were actors who perform scenes, dancers performed various choreographed routines, and musical guests. I am a poet. I always have been. My contribution to the performances was spoken word poetry.

One of the first people to perform at the event was a woman by the name of Maria. She arrived to the venue Stoned out of her goddamn mind. Right away, I was curious.

Maria sang. And the very second she opened her mouth I could hear something beyond the flesh and bone reality of our existence. I wanted to know who she was. So, we became friends. All these long years later we’re still friends. In fact Maria is here with me now as I am writing this post. She and I along with a few other friends took a road trip to Shizuoka. A friend of hers is a sauna user. He loves saunas so much that he build a sauna trailer. Now he can travel all over Japan and enjoy the heat of the sauna wherever he ends up. Maria, other friends, and I went on the trip to enjoy the sauna, barbecue and spend time by the sea.

Anyway my most beautiful readers, today was a great day.


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