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The good life

For the past 140 something days I've been writing bits and pieces of my life. I don't know why but it's very easy to write about hardship . Those are the moments that burn so brightly in the memory. It's much harder to write about happiness and good times. Those take much more effort to recall. It's not that I did not have good times . I've had plenty. In the grand scheme of things I absolutely love my life. Although it has been difficult, each challenge has helped me to grow as a person and get to the point where I am right now. We often measure success by how much wealth we have accumulated or how many material possessions we own . My measure of success simply is how well I have survived and how much satisfaction I have in my life today. At this point in time I'm feeling very successful.

One happy moment I can share with you took place last year. We were in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and at a loss as to how we were going to get through it . We are still there actually. In my quiet neighborhood by the sea, creative people got together and hosted an event on the beach. Spectators were properly socially distanced and the wind blew away corona germs out to sea. Fire dancers and butoh performers spent an hour or so helping us to forget about all the hardship. They helped me appreciate all of the ordeals I went through over the years in order to be in that spot.

Of course my chronicle of hardship and triumph is far from over. I have so many more stories to tell. For now, I think I should take a break and appreciate the beauty of being here. All in all, it's been a most magnificent experience.


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