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Smiling without no feet

See the little man on the bar counter, arms toward his head. How does he stand there so prim and proper; he's got no gotdamned legs. Some people can have everything and feel the sting of defeat. This guy is just standing there smiling without no feet. I sat at the bar wondering but I forgot to ask his name. And now I sit here pondering about how I could do the same.

Huh , I have no idea why I rhymed those first few sentences. The urge just came over me. I did see this guy in the bar though. It seemed like a really happy looking figure. I also notice that he was standing there without any legs, which made me wonder how extend it all. Well, he's a bottle Cork guy so I guess he stands on the strength of his own corkiness. It's a silly thing, but I like it. It's the subtle nuances of the owner that made the place feel quaint. I suppose that's why it was packed full of people at 1:00 AM.


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