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Remembering Robbie

Music is all around us. It is a common thread that connects us. There is no tribe of humans on the planet that does not have some kind of music in their culture. Some theoretical physicists believe that the universe is made of vibrations. Maybe music is the language of the universe.

I've always seen the ability to make music as a gift. Something that had been quite elusive to me, if I am to be honest. I never possessed the dexterity it took to manipulate wood and metal into sound the way the masters do. What is it about the combination of their DNA that gives them their special ability? Although I could not possess the full power of musical expression, I can certainly have a full appreciation for it and still be inspired by its creators.

This photograph is an image of one such soul. His name was Robbie, and he lived for music. When I saw him singing, I could see him being released from his earthly form and returning to his angelic one. There was a joy in him that could be felt in his songs. Unfortunately, he passed away about a year or two ago. He was a great presence here in Tokyo. This post is my way of saying, "We still remember you, Robbie."


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