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Rain is Life

Many people don't like the rain, but I love it. The rain is life. It's nature's way of washing away the grime of the world. I especially love the autumn rain. After months of sweating in the grueling heat and humidity of a Tokyo summer, the autumn rain is like a fresh restart. This summer's heat was particularly brutal. I could barely move a meter without feeling as if my whole body was melting into the asphalt. Now, I feel light and free in the crisp air. It reminds me of my hometown of Cleveland, OH. I miss the autumns in Ohio. The air is sweet with the soft decay of leaves. Petrichor is the smell of rain reflected from the earth. I wonder if there's a word for the scent of autumn. If there isn't, there should be. The other thing I look forward to in autumn is Thanksgiving. I am not so interested in the mythology behind the holiday. I love the foods of autumn. All the things that grow from the rain and cold winds taste particularly good by a fire or at a table surrounded by family and friends.


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