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Of course, they can.

It is the second rainy day. Apparently, we're right at the beginning of a typhoon. This one seems very mild to the ones we had last year where it seemed as if every other week we were all put on high alert and asked to prepare for evacuation. There are no winds blowing and it seems more like a tropical storm than it does a typhoon. Maybe the worst of it is still yet to come. This morning when I open my window to look outside and get some fresh air I saw these birds sitting on a wire. I was surprised to see them there because I thought that birds hid under the leaves of trees or under the shelter of some rooftop to wait out the rain. I feel silly but I didn't even know that birds could fly in the rain. Of course, they can. What a stupid flawed design that would be if nature made them so that they couldn't fly in the rain. One minute the birds would be sailing along as peaceful as you please and then a sudden squall would come and turn them into feathery bombs falling from the sky. Of course, they can fly in the rain. I just never took the time to think about it.


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