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Not all but many

Women are heroes . That's what the sign says. I have no doubt that it's true. What is a hero after all but someone who sacrifices herself or himself for others? If we think about our moms for example. How much of their personal lives did they give up to raise us. How many parties and wild nights did they set aside just so they could be home to feed us, clothe us, bathe us, and take care of us. If that woman has endured as much as my own mother has, who raised four of us on her own, then she is even more so a hero. I saw this sign in Nice. it's advertising film by the same name . I actually have no idea what the film is about because I have never seen it. I was stopped in my tracks by the title. I thought it was a bit obvious . In my family the women are the heroes.

My grandmother kept the family together all of her life up until the very last moment . She had to make many sacrifices and put up with things as she probably shouldn't have to have put up with. Not only that but for many years of my childhood she also ran an afterschool program to help tutor children in the neighborhood so that they could grow up well educated. She also started her program to feed the poor, which included me and my siblings. She was a hero.

My sister has always been a fighter. She got into more neighborhood scraps than any of us boys put together. She has carried that spirit her entire life. Now she champions the environment, helps the infirmed, and holds the family together. Without her we would have all fallen apart long, long ago. She is a hero.

I guess today's post is not so much a story as it is homage to some of the greatest unsung heroes of our lives. Of course, like any part of the human race, not all women are heroes. Great many are though.


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