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Kitchen Trash

The woman sitting at the table is an environmentalist. I don't know what her name or which country she came from. I took this photograph in Yokohama at an international conference. The event was interesting for me because it was full of information that I did not know. It also gave me a renewed determination to do my part to save the environment. One thing I could not reconcile though was the doing away with of plastic grocery bags. They are not only useful for groceries but they make excellent storage devices and also bags for kitchen garbage. Now the whole country has decided to charge customers a large amount of money for plastic shopping bags. I know in my heart of hearts that the decision has nothing to do with saving the environment. Instead it’s about making a profit from this idea of saving the environment. What I wish someone would tell me, so that I can buy an ecobag or some other reusable tote, is what do I do with the kitchen garbage. I’m talking about egg shells and chicken bones, the butts of tomatoes and skins of cucumbers. How do I throw these things away if I don't have supermarket bags. If anyone has any good ideas please let me know.


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