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It's like being an angel, whatever angels are

Today I have been called upon to wake up by an old friend and music producer who lives in Germany. He said it came to him in a dream that he should call me so that we could do a collaboration between words and music. One of the reasons why I started this daily blog post was because I felt as if my words were beginning to fail me. They have been succumbing to daily routine, the siphoning of my energy by social mundanity, and the binary rhetoric that has been bombarding us for the last 4 years. His call was for a more universal message, one that reaches the souls of every man and woman. In my youth, I felt as if I was a conduit between the physical world and the spiritual. I know that sounds like ridiculous new age crap, but it's true. When I allowed myself to be open to forces higher than myself, I felt as if I could actually become myself again, my true self, the self that is more than human and almost god like, not in having dominion over others, but in being eternal and omnipotent in the understanding of myself. Am I being too selfish. (Sorry I couldn’t help myself.)

I want to stretch my arms towards the heavens so that I might hug the cosmos once again. Please join me if you can. I'll be at the closest star beyond the sun waiting for you.

This photo is of the dancer Nourah becoming her own goddess

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