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I love where I live

I love where I live now. It’s peaceful and idyllic. The sea goes out in one direction as far as I can see. In another direction, the majestic Fuji sits tall above the other mountains. There are numerous hiking trails within walking or bike riding distance from my home. I prefer walking through woodland areas that are flat like Ohio. Here in Japan, hiking can be a bit like mountain climbing. It feels like you are continually climbing up until you are ready to climb down. On a hot summer day, when the humidity is over 80%, climbing can be rough. However, if you can make it to the top of one of the mountains, there is a spot where you can look out and see the sea. It feels like a healing spot, a place to sit and be charged by the sun. Maybe this summer I will climb at night to see if I can see the stars. Now that I think about it, winter might be better. For one, the murder wasps that live in the woods would be dormant. Secondly, the skies are clearest in the winter. It has always been my dream to see the stars. I want to feel as if I am standing on a rock in the middle of outer space. Maybe I can get close. It’s worth a try.


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