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Future Galileo

Yesterday I stumbled upon a local shrine where they were having some sort of festival with lights. Children were playing with sheets of paper and projected images. It was as if that paper had come to life with dreams that had come from the children's imaginations. There was also an installation there that looked like an illuminated model of the solar system. I'm not sure if it was exactly our solar system, but it was some sort of sculpture that depicted what seemed like a sun surrounded by planets. Now that I think of it, atoms are like tiny solar systems. Electrons orbit a nucleus, just like the planets orbit of the sun. What if all this time we are simply tiny particles inside of a greater body and each solar system is just one atom. If we shrink ourselves down to the atomic level, then perhaps we will see the same distance in space between atoms as we see between solar systems. I'm sure the children at the shrine were not thinking about any of this when playing with their pieces of paper and light. However, the optimist in me wants to believe that at least one of the children was a future Galileo and wants to know more about the nature of the universe.


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