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For the sake of the strippers

I took this photo some time before the death of my beloved 5D Mark II, a tragedy that predates Covid-19. Tokyo nights used to be wild. I am sure they still are somewhere. Youth is seldom subdued and no amount of danger will ever dissuade thrill seekers from finding ways to test their fate. I miss it. Since the coronavirus outbreak, I haven’t been having very many adventures. I feel like the part of my brain that knew how to be spontaneous and in the moment is atrophying. Recently, people have become excited about new vaccine breakthroughs that are happening. But, I have seen way too many zombie apocalypse films to be the first in line for a shot. At the same time, I hope the vaccines do what they promise and bring us back to some semblance of normal. I hope this for the sake of the strippers, melody makers, burlesque dancers, belly dancers, jam session masters, and everyone else who helps to make our lives a lot more magical. I really hope the end of the pandemic comes soon. I need to go out!!!!!!


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