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Continuation of a thought

A few days ago I posted a rather dubious entry about people working in the shadows at one of my jobs. That person’s behavior is an unfortunate side effects of insecurity. When someone feels as if they are not good enough, they begin to try and tear others down. Perhaps they are caught in some kind of paranoid delusion in which they believe everyone else is out to get them. Actually, I am flattered. Move someone to such jealousy is ultimately badge of honor because it means that the work I have done was so powerful in the eyes of the jealous person that they felt threatened by my presence. Unfortunately, as I wrote in my post a few days ago, it never goes well for those type of people. They always find hell waiting for them in the end. Ironically, I love when everyone succeeds together. Seeing the accomplishments of my coworkers and peers inspires me. I want to be surrounded by those who are better than I am, so that they can help me to become better too. Anyway, this is a continuation of a thought I had a couple days ago. Pay me no heed as I shift back and forth in time. Luckily, not all of my jobs are full of doubt. My main job is one that gives me an enormous amount of satisfaction. I feel as if I have a sense of purpose. Through this job, I can inspire others to be the best they can be. I can also help to raise the next generation and contribute to the improvement of the world. At this point in my life, there's no place else I'd rather be. Well, if I won the lottery tomorrow, I might think of a few more places. Until that day comes, I'm perfectly content to be where I am with a team of amazing people and a great supervisor who looks after us like a mother would her own children. So, although one job needs a bit of improvement the main job is just where I need to be. Thus, balance in the universe is maintained.

This is a photo of my students. In this image I tried to express the idea of moving forward and becoming greater.


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