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Community boozing

Today's entry will be a short one. It's 12am and I have just come home after drinking most of the day.

The people in the photo are the people from my neighborhood. We gathered for drinks and a few stories. I love these guys and the community we have built. Today was Matt and Aya’s vegan pop up restaurant. They are the two on the right side of the photo. I never imagined myself a vegan before, but I now know that I could become vegan if there was someone to make delicious vegan dishes for me. If I were left to my own devices, I think my diet would consist of boiled broccoli and carrots. Thanks to Matt and Aya I now know there is a whole world of vegan culinary adventure.

Today I went to the pop up vegan shop, Momma Noodle. There were no noodles this time.


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