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But I AM a genius

"Genius is what we are. It is the force that guides us and the light that allows us to see. Beneath the humdrum veneer of the day-to-day grind there is the unbreakable power of our mind. We can ride it like a surfer on a wave, we can. Yes, this is the deep-down truth inside past the barriers that nature has provided. We sit and contemplate the meaning of everything. Our power is infinitely folded up inside of the infinite space inside of us. And when we release it it's like 1000 atom bombs exploding simultaneously to become a new sun. So there it is laid to bear, this stream of consciousness reality. It is not the finality of who we are but the beginning. Strange, wonderful world it is and we are connected in it . We are connected by the genius power that lives inside of us... bombastic bold gods of a new age... bombastic bold gods of a new age No, I am not high. I have not consumed any substance other than the oxygen that surrounds me and fills this room. No, I have not been drinking. I've only been sitting and thinking. Sometimes thoughts can be intoxicating too."

These lyrics are a sketch of an idea that I had today for a downtempo chill out song. It is electronic of course and a blend of spoken word and ciphering on vibes. It took me about an hour and a half to cook up the whole concept, so OF COURSE, it's not done yet. It's just the beginning, a loop to build on. I think I'm going to recruit some of my friends to help me. Let's see who climbs on board to flesh it out. I got the idea, like I get all ideas, from talking to people. In this case, it is a woman who I recently met named Diana. For the past couple of weeks she has been a sounding board, the echo chamber for of my own psychic meandering. The poor girl is probably getting overloaded ha ha Ha. The idea for the song sketch also came from a photograph I took over the weekend. It was of a woman dancing. As she jumped up from the floor, it looked to me like she was in a state of ascension. I thought to myself, "There it is. She's releasing her genius power." That power lives in all of us. Make no mistake, I KNOW that I am a genius. Maybe I'm the only person who knows it, but I AM a genius. We all are.

Here is the unfinished sketch for your reference.


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