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Tokyo station is a busy hub that sees tens of thousands of people a day. I was one of them. The work day had ended and I was on my way home. Although it was about 5 or 6 pm, I noticed that I hadn’t eaten all day. I often go for 24 hours without eating. It’s like I was born a human camel or something. That’s why I am a bit dubious about the intermittent fasting fad. It is my everyday day lifestyle but I don’t seem to be getting any skinnier, not like the lady walking in front of me. She was so skinny it looked like she was barely able to keep her bones from falling off of her body. Just before, I had stopped by the bento shop and was fully loaded with aburi salmon sushi, a box of assorted okazu, two small cream puffs, and a bottle of lemon tea. My fast would about to be broken on a train with special cars that allow eating. I felt guilty though. The only way the boney woman could have gotten so thin was because she wasn’t eating. There I was with a great handful of food I could share. Of course I kept me mouth shut and never did my Italian grandmother impression….”You look skinny! Eat!” I really don’t think she would have appreciated it if I had.


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