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Apparently, some guys are really into granny pants.

I saw a beautiful woman. I couldn't stop myself from asking to take her photograph. She was long and slender with hair that flowed like a dark river. The photo you see now is her responding “who me.” I think she saw it as some sort of pickup line. I never EVER try to pick up women. I am not cool enough for that. I have also been cursed with social anxiety (seriously). If I try to chat up a woman I like, I get nervous and awkward, so it always ends in disaster. I much prefer to naturally hit it off. So, I wasn’t trying to get the girl, I just wanted to get the image of the girl. She acted as if she couldn't understand. I think the photo speaks for itself. Who knows, maybe it doesn't.

I was talking to a friend the other day who recently started working as a camera girl. After the coronavirus hit, she needed money to make up for lost income. A few times a week, she turns on her webcam. Different men come to request various online sex acts. Sometimes, she said, they just want to talk. I have to be clear and tell you that the person I'm talking about is absolutely not the woman in the photo. I only ever met the woman in the photo once. It was the night that I took this image. My friend, the camera girl, is someone who I've known for many years. She said the most interesting thing about her new job was understanding how varied people's tastes are. Some things that gross out some people can be a turn-on for others. Her funny example was granny pants. Apparently, some guys are really into granny pants. The bottom line, of course, is that there is someone for everyone, even if they haven’t all been matched up yet. The irony, of course, is that it often happens that one person likes another, but the feeling isn’t mutual. And thus, the chain goes on and on. This is where the idea of there being someone for everyone wobbles a bit. The beautiful woman I saw in the Tokyo nightclub may not be beautiful to everyone but that's OK. She doesn’t have to be. I was happy to take her picture anyway.


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