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A pint of brew and a few smiles

Yesterday I fell asleep before I could post my daily picture and story. So today, I'm posting two. This is the one for today and the one I posted earlier is from yesterday. Look at those smiles. They shine through this grainy photo like 3 rays of light. From left to right they are Ashton , Lyle, and Maya. Ashton, who is a singer, croons powerfully soulful tunes across Japan. Lyle does his singing on the drums and, if I'm not mistaken, prefers rock and roll. He too is also a singer and loves to grab the microphone and belt out a melody or two. Maya plays guitar and also sings. Her folk melodies and lyrical style make for a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Although it looks like they should be, based on this photograph, they're not in a band together. I caught them in one spot having a conversation about something or other. The image was too good to pass up, so I collected it and put it inside my bag to bring home and show to you. Tokyo's full of neon signs and modern architecture. There are shrines and temples in almost every neighborhood. Sometimes you can see families walking the roads in their kimonos. Tokyo also looks like this. It is the hub, the meeting point, the place in the world where people from all over can gather for a pint of brew and a few smiles.


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