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A Mile in My Shoes

About 10 years ago I did a picture-a-day blog project. For 365 days, I challenged myself to post at least one photograph per day and tell some brief story about the photo or something generally related to the photo. Today's photo is simply a pair of shoes. This idea came to me after I had experienced the discomfort of being outside of my own element. It made me remember that every person we meet has their own journey, which they have either completed or are about to complete. It also reminded me that not everyone is good or has good intentions. In fact there are great many people who pretend to be good or to have your best interest in mind when in reality they do not at all. Never the less, I think there's a common experience that we all share even if the perspective of that experience varies. We're all on this planet trying to get by the best way we can . Most of us are faking our way through in some way or another. When we feel the creep of arrogance or the ugliness of ostracizing those we do not find appealing for some reason, it's important to remember the old saying, “walk a mile in someone's shoes”. I really do think that if we took the time to imagine what others are going through or to imagine ourselves as the other person, then the world would be a lot better place. Whoever is reading this please give it a try and let me know if you notice anything changing around you.


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