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The limitations of our DNA,

We are who are. This is a simple statement but sums up human nature succinctly, I think. Through the cosmic pull of a lever, a combination of atoms came together to form the complex molecules that created our DNA and every aspect of who we are. They say we have free will, but I am not so sure that we do. I believe there is a kind of natural predetermination at work. Even the seemingly free choices we make are, at the deepest level, controlled by how we were put together in the womb. Our capacity to love, fear, hate, destroy, and overcome our own perceived shortcomings has been preprogrammed into us. I know that sounds nihilistic, as if nothing we did mattered because we have no control. It’s not. None of us know the limits of our genetic programming’s changeability until we test it. Even within the limitations of our DNA, there seems to be some capacity to override the system…to a degree. Some of it I think we can’t change. Much of our personality has been carried over from previous lifetimes that have been handed down through generations via collective memory. I have no idea what it all means. It was just the thought I had in my head when I sat down to write today’s paragraph.


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