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The circle of Saturdays

I walked by a baseball field and saw elementary school aged boys all decked out in their pristine uniforms. They played the game with an air of seriousness I never had when I was their age. It looked like a little league for children who were aspiring to someday go pro. While I was watching them play, I wondered if the motivation was coming from the children or from the mothers and fathers who grew up on the pitch. The adults looked just as serious as the children. All of them seemed locked in a dream they created together. Maybe togetherness is the key to this moment. It’s the circle of Saturdays under the bright autumn sun. Parents cheer on the sidelines and reminisce about their own childhood. The boys on the field will grow up some day. Many will have children of their own. They will dress them in the finest baseball uniforms and cheer just as their parents had done for them at local parks on Saturday afternoons.


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