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The belly dancer and her daughter

I met a belly dancer last month. Her movements were graceful and sensual. When she performed she was one with the music and she danced as if she were a fairy child from the Far East hypnotizing us with her sensuality and grace. I arrived at the event late. Apparently she was the third dancer to go on that night. There were six in total, I think. I missed the first three. The two other dancers I saw after her were equally stunning, After the show, my friend introduced me . I sat at their table for a while, chatting about whatever subject popped into my head. I forgot everyone's names, unfortunately, but eventually the dancer with the sparkles around her eyes turned to the other lady shown in the photo. She introduced her as her daughter. I was shocked. I thought my Japanese had been affected by the gin I was drinking. The daughter was about 24 years old. Her mom didn't have a wrinkle, stretch mark, or ounce of extra body fat. If the mom had told me she was 28 or 29 I would not have questioned it. There is a saying in the US, "black don't crack." It comes from the widely held belief that black people, in general, age slowly. I have seen some old looking 30 year olds, so the saying only applies to some people. I wonder if there is a word that rhymes with Asian or Japanese that describes the fact that some asians don't seem to age either. If there is then the phrase would have been made just for her.


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