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Smokin Fish

I met the man you see in the photograph in Okinawa. He was busking on the street. I don't exactly remember how I began talking to him but somehow we became friends . His name is Kaya. He runs a restaurant now in Yokohama called Smokin Fish. He took the name from a painting that our mutual friend Ponzi created for him. It's Italian food a la Kaya. the price is very reasonable, and the taste is very good. If you go to the shop, you'll see a brief poem that I wrote to Kaya which he somehow had engraved on the slate of granite, I believe.

Smoking fish is not only a restaurant and place to hang out for drinks, but also a place that welcomes music. Kaya the guitar player and specializes in Blues and improvised ambient music. His playing is full of emotion and intensity. Whenever I watch him it's almost as if I'm seeing a shaman at work. He leaves this physical world with an empty basket and fills it up with notes. If you're ever in Yokohama I highly recommend you stop by to visit higher at Smokin Fish.

Due to the fact that I'm racing towards a deadline , that's all the story I have today. Thanks always for stopping by to read these posts. Here's a link to Smokin Fish if you're interested.


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