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No god powers for me thanks

This is part two of my post about visiting Yushima Tenmangu. Today we have a picture of placards with a painting of a man and a bull. I honestly have no idea what this represents. What I do know is that people write their prayers onto the placards and hang them on a wall. The blocks of wood stay there until the gods see them and answer the wishes. When I visited the shrine yesterday I saw so many wishes on the wall that it reminded me of the movie where Jim Carrey was suddenly given the power of God. Morgan Freeman was God. There was a scene when Jim Carrey, as the new God, granted everyone's wish to win the lottery. Needless to say, the results were a disaster. With all those wishes on the wall, I wonder how the gods choose which ones to answer. All of them can’t be worthy. Maybe all of them can. If I had the God powers, I don't think that I would be able to deny anyone a dream or wish. I'd grant winning lottery tickets to anyone who asked. I would also probably end up ruining many people's lives in the process. Thank God I don't have the God power.


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