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“I hate bentos”

The guy at the office where we held the meeting was anxious to tell us about the bento they had prepared. Japanese box lunches are kind of an everyday thing so no one was really excited, except me. I hadn’t eaten a single bite of food all day. I don’t think I had dinner the night before either. I do that sometime. I am like a human camel. I can go for a long time without eating and not even notice. When the bento came out I was ecstatic. I thought it was a beautifully made meal with vegetables, rice, and wonderfully seasoned salmon. The lady next to me sighed. She said she didn’t care for Japanese food. She was the first Japanese person I had ever heard say that. I paused for just a second to think about the paradoxical situation before I gobbled my bento down. It was so so good.


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