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I took Lucky for a walk on the beach this afternoon. I had time between work-at-home assignments. I also needed food, and there was nothing in the house that was lunch worthy. I fastened a red harness around his little doggy chest and out we went. Lucky was excited. He loves going out for a walk. Somehow he can tell when we are going for a quick walk around the block or for the long walk to the beach. His level of excitement is higher when he senses it's beach time. Honestly, it drives me nuts because his excitement also comes with an endless high pitched whine. He does it at dinner time too. As soon as he senses dinner getting close, he increases his whining until he has been fed.

On the way to the beach is a shop that I sometimes stop at. When I go, I tie Lucky to an iron fence since dogs are not allowed inside. He doesn't like to sit outside and wait. Whenever we walk by the shop, he begins pulling on his leash away from the shop and towards the beach. Because he is a cocker spaniel, there isn't much he can do to drag me away from the store. I always feel grateful that he isn't a pit bull or some sort of mastiff. Today was Lucky's lucky day because I hadn't planned on going to the shop till after the beach. On the way there, I saw the sun sitting just above the temple gates. In my head, I could hear that old song by the Police, King of Pain. "There's a little black spot on the sun today..."


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