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I just finished submitting some documents that I had been working on nonstop, day and night, for the past three days (and for weeks before that). It was 1:30 AM when I could finally send the files. A weight has been lifted off my shoulders. As soon as I finish submitting my work, I started writing this story as a way to relax.

One year, a dear friend and I decided to visit Chamonix, a mountain located near the junction of France, Switzerland and Italy. One of the most startling things about my trip was the markers that indicated how much the glaciers had receded over the years. Although the mountain was still covered with snow, the glaciers had shrunken quite significantly. It was a sign that global warming had taken its toll on this famous ski spot. A few years before my trip, I had purchased an arctic parka online. At that time, the coat only cost about $150. The brand, Canada Goose, has become super popular for some reason. That same coat now retails for more than $1000. It’s a spectacular coat despite the fact that Canada Goose has become notorious for torturing animals. The coat is stuffed with goose down and the hood is lined with the coyote fur. I hadn't really thought about that until someone scolded me for owning the coat. Throwing it away won't change anything, so I'm stuck with it.

When I went to Chamonix I was grateful for the coat and the animals who sacrificed their fur to keep me warm. The jacket boasts protection from the cold up until minus 50 degrees Fahrenheit. I believe it. On top of the mountain, it was arctic temperatures. Any part of my body that was not covered by the jacket felt the piercing cold. I really wanted to have pants made out of the same material as well as gloves and boots. With my frozen legs, frozen fingers, and my toasty warm torso, I was able to take in the magnificence of nature.

At the base of the mountain, I met two women who were on vacation together. Actually, no, they shared a cable car with me and that's how we began to talk. They were very friendly people and I enjoyed spending a few minutes chatting with them. Although I don't remember where they were from, I do remember the warm feeling of familiarity I got from them. I suppose that's why I decided to take their photograph. I wonder where they are now and if they have ever returned to the mountain.

Although I normally show just one picture per day and one-story, I figured I'd share a few more so that you can see what it was like. Of course I didn't take that photo of myself but I included it anyway.


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