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Brown Bear to Bearland

Today I was upset because I wasted six hours of my day. I was editing video on my computer when suddenly everything froze, and a message popped on my screen that said “unable to save” then everything just vanished. Now, I'm sure the files are in my computer somewhere because, with the vanishing of the files, there was no reduction in the amount of memory used. Finding out where the files are may take me another six hours.

Just as I was beginning to sink deep into a pit of gloom, I got a phone call from a friend named Arrow. She had just returned to Tokyo from Paris. Talking to Arrow is always interesting because she herself is not dull. Her stories are full of color and imagination. She is also quite beautiful and strange. Today she told me about how she adopted a baby brown bear who she called Bambi. She gave her that name because poachers had killed the cub’s mother. She talked about how she would put the bear in the side car of a motorcycle and ride about 800 km to Kumamoto to see a mutual friend of ours. Of course, I volunteered to photo document the journey. Only Arrow would put a Brown bear in the sidecar of a motorcycle and ride 800 kilometers. Today I tried to find a picture that would go with this story. I found this one I had taken in Shibuya. I guess the only thing that relates to my story is the colorful whimsy of the mural on the wall. It reminds me of Arrow and how I would not be surprised if she had a pet rainbow colored duck tucked under his sleeve.


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