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The SOMONA English pronunciation training app for iPhone and iPad is now available.  
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Curriculum design, Music, Graphic Design, and Editing by Marcellus Nealy
Programming, Editing by Peter Jacobs
SOMONA - an online English pronunciation course that has been specially designed to help Japanese speakers develop their English pronunciation in a natural way.  SOMONA uses animation, music, and creativity to help learners achieve their goal of becoming a more powerful global communicator.
Recent Activities
NUPHORIA on Shonan Beach FM
From April 2019, the NUPHORIA radio program will be broadcast on 78.9 Shonan Beach FM every Saturday night from 11pm to 12am.   Tune in and join Marcellus as he explores the art and science of the groove.  As the date approaches, check the Shonan Beach FM website for more information.




Newsline: narrator.


NHK Radio Japan "Friends Around The World": Co-Host

Friends Around the World is a program that is designed to connect more of Radio Japan listeners around the world. Radio Japan is an NHK radio channel that is broadcasted globally, in 18 languages, via satellite and short wave radio. It is also streamed on the internet and smart device apps.

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NUPHORIA on78.9 Shonan Beach FM