I'm actually too sleepy to write anything. It's long past midnight my eyes are heavy as two sacks of rocks. I wanted to post something though because I have skipped too many days. It's all pure dictation from here. If you thought the other entries were hard to read because of bad editing well dictation really does make things a little bit harder. I met a man today from Iran or maybe he was Palestinian I can't remember. He was the friendliest person I have ever met and also one of the hardest working. He said that he bought an empty house in the countryside of Japan and he is single-handedly renovating it and turning the land it into some sort of campground. He invited me to go check it out. He promised to roast whole lamb if I did. It sounds like the kind of place we could have a small music festival in the summer months or in the fall. The government has worked so hard on shutting down live music during the pandemic that we could all use a place we can escape into melody and rhythm. I've almost forgotten what it feels like to be connected to music. Just a few short years ago it was all I ever did or thought about and now it seems like a fading memory. Just like that poem says, we have to rage against the dying of the light. As I drift away to sleep I'll dream about a stage somewhere in a packed venue performing where I could be free

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