Keep on Keeping on

Sorry guys, I'm back in an introspective mood. My mom just became sick and it got me thinking about life in general. Every day we repeat the same process. We wake up for work, go in to earn money, come home, and spend what remaining bits of the evening there are with our families, friends, or ourselves. In my current profession, there is no time because it's a constant stream of creating, checking, planning, and thinking. Even during the allocated vacation days, there are never really any days off. Anytime I take one, I feel an enormous amount of guilt as if I've left something that needs to be done unfinished. I know people who are doing much more than I am, medical doctors who seem to somehow juggle patients, teaching duties, research, and various activities in the many organizations they are involved with on the side. They do all of this while maintaining families. It's like they're super people. I really don't know how they maintain the physical and psychological stamina.

Of course, I have no right to complain. I should be lucky to even have a job, especially now, during this pandemic when so many people have found themselves out of work. One of my long-term dreams was to have a sleepy little cafe somewhere by the sea where I could just enjoy my days without stress or worry. It seems like such a silly thing now when I look at other friends who are running cafes and restaurants that have been devastated over the last two years by this pandemic.

In the face of such hardship this may seem trite but it's always been my life philosophy to, “keep moving forward.” Basically, it means that when things get hard, no matter how devastating they may seem, to just keep moving forward somehow. That way of thinking has served me very well over the years. But just like scientists have failed to create a true perpetual motion machine, we humans also have a limit in terms of how long we can continue to keep moving forward. Still, moving forward is the only choice we really have because what else can we do.

Eventually the pandemic will end, and life will go back to some semblance of normalcy or some semblance of a new kind of normal. If you feel stuck then maybe that’s the time to start moving in a different direction. It may take a while but doing so should lead you somewhere.

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