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Furry Fam

Our pets become part of our family. Last year when a super typhoon was ready to hammer the city, we were told to evacuate to the nearest shelter but no pets were allowed. I decided to stay in my house because I didn’t want to leave Lucky alone. He would have been helpless if a real emergency came. The shelters were packed, which means that many people may have had no problems leaving their pets behind. I was scolded by family members and friends. They thought it was a silly thing for me to risk my safety for the sake of the dog. I would have done the same for any one of them though. We only get to spend a short time with out pets. One minute they are a puppy or a kitten and the next minute they are a mound in the yard feeding the worms and new sprouts of grass. Saying good bye is never easy. This picture was taken on the last day of the dog’s life. He was overcome by pain and illness so he was quietly put to sleep. It was a sad moment.


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